2018 GLCC Missions General Assembly

July 8, 2018

Article by Virene Azarcon
27 July 2018

“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God,

that you may DECLARE THE PRAISES OF HIM who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light.”

1 Peter 2:9

      We can never be saved by ourselves, and are never saved for ourselves.

   With the right understanding of God’s holiness, man’s sinfulness and its payment, and if the eyes have been opened to God’s justice, mercy, grace and lovingkindness, the almost immediate response is to declare the praises of Him who paid it all.  The joy of knowing Christ as Savior and Lord can’t help but overflow in private and public worship of Him.  And true repenting, true yielding, true worshipping will always result to true transforming.


    And our hearts overflow with thanksgiving for the growth of the church in understanding of God’s zeal to display His glory and its level of engagement in missions’ work. We are awed by God’s guidance to our church leaders for all moments of spiritual feeding, decision making, and many avenues of spiritual training – formal and informal.  And in response to God’s admonition through all these teaching and trainings, more and more people are getting involved in the proclamation of the glory of God to the nations. Many of our church members are becoming engaged through praying, giving/sending, mobilizing, and going. In all of these, we, as GLCC, are growing in doing good works as we declare the praises of Him who prepared it all.


      But the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ and His marvelous work on the cross is not yet known to the ends of the earth.  It is so huge of a task that it cannot be done by one person, by one group of leaders, by one ministry, or by one local church.  It is to be done by every follower of Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit and armed with the Word of God. And what is the task? To declare the praises of Him who called every transformed life to be an instrument of God for the transformation of others.  

    Before we even think that it is too daunting to participate into, or doubt ourselves if we even deserve to be engaged, may we remember that when we entrusted our lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, we have signed up already to this wonderful privilege and task – to declare the praises of Him who called us out of darkness into His marvelous light.  


     No spectators allowed. No bystanders tolerated.  Anyone who has been awed by the majesty of the One who saved him will not be able to say “no” to the call to “BE ENGAGED”… a call to declare the praises of Him who loved His chosen people until the end!  


     There is no dichotomy between the calling unto salvation with the calling to be engaged in missions.  It is one and the same. Gripped by the majesty of the glory of God, one can’t help but declare the praises of Him until our Savior comes.

    And so, for those who took and are taking the step of faith, thank you.   For those who are not yet engaged, we implore you, declare the praises of Him who is worthy of our all!

“The need is great, the commission is clear, and CHRIST is worth it”

Kevin De Young

Images taken by Richard Cachero and Marc Grande