by Francis de Jesus
27 July 2018

       After a tiring and stressful day the thought of going home always gives us a sense of comfort and relief. We know that at home someone is there waiting for us, welcoming us with love and care. We are greeted by familiar surroundings and memories that fill our hearts with joy.


       At home, we see pictures of our childhood, we remember trials that God has seen us through. We remember the wisdom that we gained through the loved ones that we live with everyday. No matter how imperfect our family is we love our family, no matter how imperfect our family is we are one with them, and whether we realize it or not our family defines who we have become as individuals.


       The concept of family is also used to define the local church, in Ephesians 2:19, “So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints, and are of God’s household”. The word household in this verse means “of one’s family”, “kindred”, “intimate”. It implies that if we are believers adopted by God through faith in Jesus Christ, then we have an intimate and kindred relationship with one another as a spiritual family in the local church.


       And this relationship was strengthened in our celebration of God’s faithfulness in our Family day. 560 brethren came together to have fun, food and fellowship. The highlight of this year’s celebration was the cheering competition and we thank the Lord for the eagerness of the members of each zone in participating in this activity, this year’s winner was the LAMP Zone and we thank God for how He moved through the messages of the different cheers composed by each Zone.


       It was a day of fun, it was a blessed day with church family. We look forward to next year’s celebration and we are excited to see the great work of God in our church.


       This is our church, this is our family.