GLCC Missions
September 7, 2018

 Missions, Our Church and You  

What is Biblical Missions?

  • Biblical missions is defined as ‘Reaching the lost (people who belong to our culture or other cultures, to the "reached', "least reached" and "unreached" people groups) with the gospel of Jesus Christ, both at home and abroad.

  • It encompasses the regular evangelism among the reached ethnic groups and the cross-cultural church planting ministry among the unengaged, least reached and unreached ethnic tribes of the world.

  • It is derived from the command of Christ in Acts 1:8 when He told the disciples to be His witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth. While Christ describes here the natural sequence by which a believer expands his witnessing activity, Christ did not institute the sequence as a pattern for all believers to follow for all times (e.g. Jerusalem first before Judea). Instead, He was describing the unlimited scope where His disciples could witness. Thus, we can do missions work within the community where our local church is located, to other provinces and even outside our nation, and as a local church we can do all these simultaneously.

What is a Missional Church?

  • A missional church seriously heeds the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:18-20 and passionately and intentionally live it out.

  • Therefore, GLCC is “committed to develop and implement missions policies, programs, and procedures to ensure church-wide involvement, well-prepared missionaries, and efficient relationship with missions agencies and organizations.”

  • GLCC follows the example set by the church in Antioch in Acts 13 where the local church served as the “sending and supporting” body and the missionaries served as the commissioned “going” individuals set apart by the Holy Spirit for the task.

How do you get involved in Missions?

A. Know (Learn)

  • L – Learn what the Bible says about missions

  • E – Enquire for good books about missions and the biographies of missionaries

  • A – Ask about the ministry of Missions

  • R – Read the Missions Blogs posted at GLCC website

  • N – Notify yourself about any updates related to missions by subscribing to internet sites like, “The Joshua Project,” “,” “Mobilization.Org,” “CROSS website,” etc.

B. Pray (Ask)

  • A – Attend our Missions prayer activities, like “Prayer for the Nations,” “Missions Prayer Time,” and “Monthly Missions Prayer Bulletin.”

  • S – State in your prayer journal praises and prayer concerns related to missions work

  • K – Keep yourself updated on missions by subscribing to a good missions prayer journal, like “CPMT,” “SEND missions brochures,” “40 Days Prayer for the Muslim World,” etc.

C. Support (Endow)

  • E – Enlist yourself as a missionary supporter by committing to our Faith Promise Missions Pledge program.

  • N – Never ignore our missionaries when they come home for their home assignments, vacations and spiritual retreats.

  • D – Dispense prayer cards, encouragement letters or any token of appreciation to our missionaries and partners.

  • O – Openly share their testimonies to others as a testimony of God’s grace, faithfulness and commitment.

  • W – Watch out for the “security” concerns of the missionaries who are working on restricted areas.

D. Go (Act)

  • A – Actively involve with our Missions Ministry for starters.

  • C – Confirm your calling to missions by submitting yourself for accountability and guidance with our church leaders.

  • T – Train and equip yourself for missions work through the GLCC 3-year Missionary Training Program.