Guiding Light Ministries (as GLCC was known in the beginning) began operations on July 2, 1996, only two days after leaving the previous church. Our first service was a Tuesday Prayer Night in a medium-sized function hall Prime Hotel where about 30 plus people attended. The number far exceeded our expectations and was a shadow of things to come. Our very first Sunday service held on July 7 at the Baguio Colleges Foundation gymnasium saw the mighty moving of God’s hand once more – more than 700 came in attendance to show support for the newborn work. God had His seal of approval upon the new church.


      By 2001, the church roster grew to more than 2,000. At that time, we basically had an open membership where those who wanted to commit were simply asked to fill up a short commitment form to signify membership. This was capped by having those who had signed up to stand and be prayed over on a special Sunday. We later observed, however, that not all those who signified were actively attending church activities or, worse, were truly committed to the church. This brought us to more seriously examine the biblical teachings on committed church membership and polity, and have since then sought to bring the ministry to more faithful obedience to the Scriptures in these areas. In 2002, we launched the formal membership process after 8 months of teaching on Understanding the Church according to Scripture. This included attending a membership class, filling up a more complete application form, subjecting to a membership interview, ascertaining one’s salvation, and signing a membership covenant. As a result, (as of this writing, August 2012) we now have a formal membership of more than 600, with an average Sunday attendance of around 800 people.


      Furthermore, in relation to this, the eldership then stepped down and assumed Steering Committee status for the purpose of ascertaining their calling and submitting to training and development according to Scriptural qualifications. In 2010 three of the remaining four members of the Steering Committee were formally ordained as Elders of the Church. (The last member was ordained one year later).


      Moreover, we now have three growing church outreaches in Dagupan City (begun in October 1996), Philex Mines (begun in December 2000), and Agoo, La Union (begun in December 2005). We are also (as of this writing) planting a church in Libon, Albay – a missions outreach to that area that we launched in April 2007.


      In addition to this, the Lord has raised five additional Pastors, two missionaries to foreign lands, and a team of local missionaries in and through our Church.

      On February 2002, by God’s grace, we were able to purchase our own property for our Church building. On October 2003, construction of the first phase of our building project began.

    God had indeed shown Himself gracious and faithful. Never has the Church felt more established and have more definite sense of direction than it has now. The secret: a focused emphasis on the strong preaching of the Word, and a serious fervency for the ministry of prayer and evangelism, and a Church with a strong sense of destiny.


      To date, GLCC has 20 existing internal Ministries, exercising a certain degree of autonomy, each having their own set of core leaders to plan, evaluate, manage their Ministry funds, and conduct activities. All of these Ministries are under the supervision of the Elders through their assigned overseer. All Ministry leaders meet regularly on a monthly basis presided by the Senior Pastor:


  1. The Salvation Pointing Actively Reaching Kids (SPARK) Ministry, formerly known as the Children’s Christian Workshop (CCW) – our children’s Sunday school ministry with a fresh approach; teaching Scripture while inspiring its appreciation through the artistic media.

  2. The Youth Ministry (YM) – a ministry that implements the role of the Church to edify our members among the youth, aged 13-22, with a strong emphasis on teaching the full counsel of Scripture and evangelism and discipleship.

  3. The Young Adults Ministry (YA) – a growing ministry composed of the young people of the church, aged 22-40, with a renewed dedication to God’s service.

  4. The Young Once (YO) Ministry – our ministry to those who are 50 years old and above, dedicated to meet regularly for fellowship and encouragement. They are among those who actively participate in Gospel sharing, prayer, and other church activities.

  5. Servants In God’s Army (SIGA) – our men’s ministry, an exciting and growing group of concerned men dedicated to inspiring the men in the church to greater involvement in God’s work in GLCC.

  6. Inspired Ladies At Work (ILAW) – our women’s ministry geared towards uniting and encouraging the women of the church through regular fellowship, Bible study programs, and livelihood training courses.

  7. The Married Couples Ministry (MCM) – a ministry geared towards the strengthening of the marriges in the church through deeper grounding in the Word of God.

  8. Zone Ministries – a geographical division of the church into 5 zones, the purpose of which is to reach out to the members of the church in their communities through Bible studies, cell activities, and to facilitate church grouping for major activities.

  9. The Ministry of Evangelism (MOE) – a strongly dedicated ministry that primarily handles all the evangelistic programs of the church. These programs are geared toward training the adult, youth and children in the church and also include ethnic evangelism for Muslims.

  10. The Missions Ministry (MM), formerly known as the Missions and Church Outreach Ministry (MCOM) – a ministry that heads the local foreign missions program of the church, which includes church planting, Muslim ministry, the training of potential missionaries for the church and the organizing of mission awareness programs of the church.

  11. The Ministry of Mercies (MOM), formerly the Visitation Ministry (VM) – a dedicated group of Christians in the church committed to regularly visiting church members who are sick, who are in need of special ministry or who are faltering in their attendance in and commitment to the church.

  12. The Publications Ministry -- this ministry is responsible for GLCC's official quarterly publication, The Light, among other published works and projects such as the GLCC calendars and all-season cards.

  13. Balikatan Sa Panalangin (BSP) – our eight-hour intercessory prayer chain ministry, the hidden backbone of the church, committed to a daily intercession for the nation, the Church, and the ministries and ministers of GLCC.

  14. The Intercessory Ministry (IM) – another ministry of intercession that meets three times a week and culminates in intercession right before the weekly Sunday service for members who are unable to commit to the more demanding BSP requirements but have burden for intercession.

  15. The Praise & Worship Ministry – our music ministry dedicated to exalting God and brining God’s people into His presence through praise and worship in all our gatherings.

  16. Choir Ministry – our very own ministry of singers that inspires us once a month with their song offerings and that has been used by God to minister the Gospel through music even outside the church.

  17. The Greeters and Ushers Ministry (GUM) – our frontline Sunday servants whose ministry is to welcome and facilitate the seating of both members and visitors.

  18. The Growth In Truth Ministry (GIT) Teaching Ministry – our adult Sunday school ministry where members enroll for an average semester of 10-12 weeks, meeting every Sunday to learn basic and equipping doctrines of the Christian faith.

  19. The GLCC Staff – the group of dedicated full-time administrative office workers who have made our lives more manageable and pleasant.

  20. The Missions Board (MB) – This board develops the policies and guidelines for the missions program of the church. It directs, coordinates, evaluates, and supervises the whole missions program of the church. It provides training, equipping and soul-care programs for the missionaries of the church. It coordinates directly with missions agencies and organizations in order to ensure that our missionaries are broadly informed before they go to the mission field and sufficiently taken cared of while on the mission field.