March 18, 2020

To my beloved brethren in GLCC,


I pray that you are all kept well in the Lord Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.


I write to you as your pastor and in behalf of the Elders of our Church.


As I am sure you are all aware of, the condition of community quarantine put into effect in our city continues to develop and, in fact, to tighten in its actual implementation. For sure, this is with the good of all in mind as the purpose for all this is to greatly limit the spread of COVID-19. Of course, for this to work requires the full cooperation of the citizenry of Baguio. It is my prayer that we who are in Christ will serve as examples in this to the rest of the citizens of Baguio.


As you might know by now, only specific establishments are actually being allowed to continue to operate throughout the quarantine period. This, unfortunately, does not include religious institutions such as GLCC. In cooperation with our local government, we, in the leadership, therefore, have decided to close down the daily operations of our church for the duration of the quarantine period.


This means that our facilities will not be available for use by any ministry or individual starting March 19. This is also because all our Staff will not be coming in for work until such time as the quarantine is relaxed.


The only exception to this will be for Sundays, when only I and Bro. Marc Grande will go to the Center to broadcast our shortened Sunday services for live-streaming. I had acquired a clearance from our Mayor’s office for this purpose alone.


Also in line with all this, I will be issuing instructions for those who wish to give their financial support and commitments to the church through online services supplied by our two banks.


Those who still wish to drop their support at the Center during the week may do so at the designated tithe/offering box that will be left outside of the Administration Office.


We in the eldership pray for your gracious patience in all this as we hope for your untiring and continuing support of the Lord’s work in GLCC, not only by your giving but also through your fervent prayers and your faithful “attendance” in our Sunday Services.


May the love and grace of Lord Jesus Christ continue to keep us all in these critical times.


We love you all in the Lord.


Ptr. Robbie Casas