(Part 3) A Call To Exalt The Lord As King And Righteous Judge Of All The Earth

By Pastor Robbie Casas


b. The Initial Call to God’s People to Proclaim God’s Message (vv. 2b-3)

       Read Ps 96:2b-3:

2… Proclaim good tidings of His salvation from day to day.

3 Tell of His glory among the nations,

His wonderful deeds among all the peoples.


Clearly, this initial call to [p]roclaim good tidings of His salvation” and to “tell of His glory” and “His wonderful deeds” is to be done by those who have experienced God’s “salvation,” have seen “His glory” and have witnessed “His wonderful deeds”. Obviously, 

those who have not experienced all this are unable to obey these commands.

          Furthermore, v. 3 is composed of two synonymous lines that are saying basically the same thing, so that we can say that God’s “glory” is seen in “His wonderful deeds”, most especially in His works of salvation. So in this section the psalmist was calling God’s people to proclaim the message of “His salvation,” “His glory” and “His wonderful deeds.”

          So who are God’s people called to proclaim His message? If we look at this from the past context of the psalmist, this was a call to the nation of Israel to testify of God’s many glorious acts of deliverance in the history of their nation. If we see this in the future context of the millennial rule of Christ, this is then a call to “the nations”“all the peoples” – who will witness Christ’s second coming and who will be saved at that time to declare His salvation. If we apply this to our present context, this is a call to the church of Christ to proclaim the glorious gospel of His salvation.

          This tells us of an important principle in the true worship of God: TRUE WORSHIP IS NOT JUST GIVING GOD THE GLORY DUE HIS NAME IN PROSE OR IN SONG; IT ALSO INCLUDES THE PROCLAMATION TO OTHERS OF WHO HE IS AND OF WHAT HE HAS DONE, MOST ESPECIALLY IN CHRIST JESUS HIS SON. The MacArthur Bible Commentary: “Genuine praise includes a testimony to others of God’s plan of redemption.” This is the good news or “good tidings of His salvation” – the gospel – where we see “His glory” in the person of Christ and “His wonderful deeds” in Christ’s death and resurrection. This then is the content of the proclamation.

          The good news is to be proclaimed to “the nations”, to “all the peoples” (v. 3). This speaks of the scope of the proclamation: to as many and to all kinds of people. Here we see, as one commentary put it, “an OT anticipation of the world mission of the NT people of God” (cf. Matt 28:19).

          The good news is to be proclaimed in v. 2b “from day to day” (in the Heb. this phrase modifies “Proclaim”). This speaks of the frequency of the proclamation: as regularly or as often as we can.

          In our love for God and devotion to Him, it is not enough for us to just tell Him how wonderful He is; we cannot help but also tell others of just how wonderful He is. The Life Application Study Bible puts it this way: “As we reflect on God’s majesty and his goodness to us, we cannot help telling others about him. Witnessing comes naturally when our hearts are full of appreciation for what he has done.”

          How well are you doing at telling others about the greatness of God and of His salvation?

          IF THE WORSHIP AND EXALTATION OF GOD IS THE BELIEVER'S HIGHEST PRIORITY, THE GOOD NEWS OF HIS SALVATION SHOULD BE THE BELIEVER'S MAIN AGENDA. The reason for this is that the proclamation of the gospel to all the world has always been God’s main agenda. The whole OT (even from as early as the book of Genesis) points to the coming of Christ as the Messiah and Savior of the world.

          So in the present crisis, God’s main agenda is still to proclaim His saving gospel to an unbelieving and suffering world, that many may come to the saving knowledge of Christ, and in Christ find their true peace. It is not even our spiritual deepening in the likeness of Christ through the strengthening of our faith and trust in God, important to God as this is and indeed still a part of His holy purposes for us as this is. Remember, the saving work of God in Christ is the central point of all of the Scriptures.

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