Young Once Fellowship


Happens every first Saturday of the month right after the Prayer Morning Special beginning at 12:00 NN to 4:00 PM.

The YOUNG ONCE Ministry


Senior Saints


for the GOSPEL




Ministry Vision

We see the elderly aging joyfully through God's power by abiding in the Word, by persevering in serving Christ in the church, by sharing the Gospel and teaching the Bible to various generations towards effectual heart change and godly lives. 

Mission Statement

By the grace of God and empowered by the Holy Spirit:

1. To provide a loving and encouraging atmosphere through the monthly fellowship or bonding activities for members to develop meaningful relationships with the Lord and among themselves;

2. To promote dependence on God by  meditating on  His Word for comfort, encouragement, peace and strength for  spiritual wellness despite various ailments, discomforts,

and sufferings due to ageing;

3. To help members grow in Godly wisdom and GLCC doctrines   through the monthly equipping so they can offer biblical

advice at home or in church;

4. To train members become effective facilitators of Bible studies using the Training for Trainers (T4T) method and emulate the Lord Jesus in telling stories to teach spiritual truths to others;

5. To avail of opportunities for members to minister to fellow senior citizens in the community by sharing the Gospel and leading them to become followers of Christ.